Monday, May 23, 2011

California Strawberry Festival

Hey Divas!  This weekend my bestie and I cruised the coast and headed down to the 28th annual California Strawberry Festival  in celebration of all things Strawberry.  The festival sells everything from strawberry beer to strawberry pizza and even strawberry nachos. It was kinda hard walking...eating...and trying to take I didn't get a chance to take pics of a lot of other food/drinks we consumed... such as strawberry margaritas, strawberry champagne, we built our own strawberry shortcakes and finished it all off with chocolate strawberries.  Wheeeeew!   The college is also filled with vendors golore, rides, arts and crafts and live entertainment for your enjoyment!  If you're a strawberry lover like I am....this was definitely the place to be!! 

Chicken Shish Kabob

What I Wore
This comfy dress I purchased from Old Navy a couple of years ago.  I can't remember where I purchased the top from, but I threw it on because it was a little cool (Mid 60's = a little cool for me) Accessories purchased from Ashley Stewart and sunnies from NordstromClutch....Asos!

Have a Great Week!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

All this L.O.V.E

Hey Divas!  I hope everyone is having a great week!  I can't believe I had to throw on tights in the middle of May.... but it's been a lil windy out here in Cali. 
Miesha over at  Ms. Miesha Roshawn (Mi-Inspire) awarded me with another Adorable Blog Award.  Be sure to check her out and her A-M-A-Z-I-N-G inspirational life journey!!!  Thanks again Miesha for the adorable award:))  Also I want to send a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig  THANK YOU to everyone who has visited or follows Full-Figured Diva, left a comment or sent me an email.  I really appreciate all the L.O.V.E.

Hat-BCF | Vest-Old Navy | Boots-DSW | Skirt-? | Accessories  -Random | Clutch-Ashley Stewart | Nail Color-Minted by Revlon

Please don't ask!  LOL!!

Have a great weekend!!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Betcha didn't know......

Hey Divas!!  Betcha didn't know that Inez over at Style Chic...360 awarded me the Adorable Blog Award.  Thank You Diva for the love.

10 things I betcha didn't know about me are.....

1. I'm an only child
2. I'm 37 yrs. old (will be 38 in Aug.)
3. I'm a Freelance Fashion Stylist (I've done styling for Celebrity Stylist Sheng Moua and Kecia Clark.  Music videos and fashion shows for Louis Vuitton, Zac Posen, Harley Davidson and Bebe...just to name a few)
4. I'm Obsessive and Compulsive (my bff calls it anal)  Ha!
5.  I don't sound how I look (when I do my 1st VLOG, you will see what I mean)

6. I'm an extremly nice and loyal person.....
(BUT don't take my kindness for weakness because the lioness will definitely come out)
7. I can be a lil shy at times (I had another answer here (lol) but changed it.  Like I said..I can be shy at times) 
8. I'm addicted to reality T.V.
99. 9. I love chocolate strawberries, sunsets and the sound of rain
10. I absolutely LOVE taking pictures.  I'm such a ham! :) (NOT shy in front of the camera! )

I would like to give this award to:

Dhalia over at Mz Fashion Closet

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Dress | Torrid - Jean Jacket | Ashley Stewart - Boots | DSW - Accessories | Fashion Trend

Saturday, May 14, 2011

New ish.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Oldies but Goodies

Hey Divas!  I hope everyone is having a great week!  I finally created a Full-Figured Diva page on Facebook, so don't be shy....stop by and "Like" me!  Here's another dress I found in the depths of my closet that I haven't worn in about 7 years! While cleaning my closet, I re-acquainted myself with 5 dresses from my past.  Seriously.....5 dresses that I haven't worn in years.  So my next couple of post...I will be rockin' some oldies but goodies (as I like to call them).

Have a great weekend!

Monday, May 2, 2011

It Feels Good...

IT FEELS GOOD...the weather that is (lol).  Hey Divas!   I hope everyone had a great weekend.  The weather out here in Cali is absolutely beautiful.  A little on the hot side but beautiful nonetheless.  I found this comfy dress hiding waaaaaaaay in the back of my closet all by her lonesome, so I decided to pull her out, dust her off and give her a lil fresh air and sunshine this weekend:)) 

Have a great week Divas!