Friday, March 12, 2010

This is who I one else defines me


  1. The doo is fly and the make-up is flawless. I'm on my way out to pick up some of the products so I can hook my doo up.

  2. Girl, no one can deny you have a great sense of style and fashion. I will follow you to see what tips I can pick up on!! Thanks in advance :-)

    P.S. My maiden name is Valarie Rodgers (so you will know who the heck I am!!LOL!!)

  3. You look so gorgeous!!! loving your style... I willl definately follow you in your WORLD!!! love ya chica :-)

  4. @Anonymous a.k.a Tee~Tee Rhonda! Thanks (lol)

    @Val..Thanks a bunch mama! I know who you are:) Congrats again!

    @TiRa..Thanks boo and thanks for the support! Luv ya back!


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