Sunday, March 14, 2010

Accessorizing 101

Any one who knows me personally knows that I LOVE me some Accessories ~ Especially accessories that are on SALE....and I love a good bargin! ~ The clever use of accessories can create many fabulous looks to a few basic outfits in your closet ~ One tip is to choose shoes, a belt, a tie or scarf and jewelry in matching or complementary tones, then pair them up in your own unique way ~ For example, if you always wear the same gray clothes and grab the same black belt and bag to go with your outfit, try accenting with pink, lavender, or red instead ~ Scarves can add a dash of color to an otherwise blah outfit as well ~ Shoes are another way to funk up your look ~ Chunky boots and opaque tights give a skirt a very different feel than when it's worn with sheer hose and heels ~ Choose accessories of different weight and textures as the season changes, using materials like straw and patent leather for spring and summer, and suede or velvet for winter ~ To make the transition from office wear to after-hours, replace classic, understated jewelry, and plain belts with something flashier or more casual.

  • Shoes -They are the ultimate accessory to change any outfit! ~ A sista don't play around when it comes to shoes ~ Ain't nothing like a comfy pair of heels, boots or platforms!

  • Buy a nice belt or chain to jazz up plain jeans ~ Try buying a bright coloured one, a studded one or a glittery one ~ Wear a belt that contrasts with your blouse. For example, wear a bright red belt with a black shirt or a black belt with a white shirt. The point is to make the belt stand out.

  • Purses -Try a leather one, a shiny one, plain coloured ones, bright ones, stripy ones, fluffy ones... the choices are endless and its all up to you ~ If you have an outfit in mind, try and choose one that will compliment your outfit.

  • Jewerly - Buy a bright beaded necklace or a new ring, whatever you think reflects your personality ~ If you are loud, confident and you have bold taste in clothes, try bright, big beads or big earrings (Statement Pieces)

  • Hats - There are lots of different styles and looks to go for, pick one that suits you ~ Don't be afraid to try it on, look in a mirror or ask a friend for advice about which one looks best ~ Hats are great for BAD hair days! ~ I should know....I own around 10 hats (lol)

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