Friday, March 26, 2010

LOVE made easy

Ok...I found this insanely cute LOVE necklace on hisherschicago blogspot worn by DJ Rashida pictured below ~ The blogger re-created DJ Rashida's necklace by using cooper wire and a few other accessories (she did a FAB job) ~ Once I saw the outcome of the bloggers necklace I immediately knew this was a project I would enjoy sinking my teeth into ~ It was cute, unique and i could see myself rockin it (lol) ~ I was definitely up for the task at hand!


All you need to make the LOVE necklace are copper wire (I purchased 8 yards for $2.99), jump rings (a pack of 85 for $2.99) necklace clasps (also $2.99, and I purchased a chain for $4.99) ~ Since I didn't have any tools at all, I decided to purchase a mini-starter tool kit for $9.99 which included wire cutters, round nose pliers, flat nose pliers and tweezers all of which I picked up at Michael's.

To start you write the word LOVE on a sheet of paper.

You then use the copper wire to trace the word LOVE and tape it to the paper to keep it secure ~ I didn't cut it from the strand to make sure I had more than enough wire to work with.

Once you finish tracing, you clasp an end of the copper wire to the jump ring and use the wire cutter to secure the clasp.

You then use small pieces of the copper wire to keep the letters secure using the wire cutters.

I then cut a piece of chain (you can make the necklace as long or as short as you like) and used a jump ring to secure the necklace clasp.


I was pleasantly pleased with the outcome of my 1st DIY project and amazed that it only took around 30 minutes to make ~ I'm definately gonna rock my necklace and I'll rock it with lots and lots of LOVE!

DIY Love Necklace


  1. I guess I will be commenting ALL the dang time. :-) I LOVE the necklace. You are so creative and have so many opportunities just waiting for you to grasp. Keep it up!!!!!

  2. That necklace is the Bomb! Hey Diva you're giving away all your secrets. You can make these and sell them. You Go crafty chica.

  3. @Val...thanks a bunch girl! I really appreciate all your comments and support:)) You can make as many comments as you like (lol)

    @Rhonda...thanks tee~tee...but this is NOT my secret! Another blogger (hisherschicago.blogspot) saw the photo and did her own version of the necklace and posted the instructions on how to make it...I just followed the instructions and made my own version:))

  4. Hey My' this issome creative and yet interesting crafting you got going on.. I love it Chica!!!

  5. It looks AMAZING!! Congrats on your first DIY, I'm so glad you took a stab at it!!


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