Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spring is in the air!

While this past spring fashion season saw a number of blues, yellows, and greens, this springseason concentrates on pinks, grays, purples, browns, and natural tones with an underlaying color to it ~ Many greys have a pink, blue, or purple undertone to them ~ The colors of the season can easily be mixed and combined together to create new looks ~ Chances are you might have at least a few garments in your wardrobe with one or more of these shades.


              Pink accessories will be seen almost everywhere this season

Key Colors for Spring / Summer 2010

  • Turquoise — cool and tropical, this delicate and feminine blue evokes memories of tropical beaches and cool clear waters

  • Amparo Blue — a twist on navy, which traditionally represents spring ~ This is a livelier, brighter hue but still has the warmth of summer

  • Violet — the color of heather and spring blooms, violet, a cross between lavender and purple is a romantic, feminine gentle hue with uplifting properties

  • Aurora —a deepish yet soft yellow with a slightly greenish hue ~ A more wearable yellow than brighter hues

  • Fusion Coral — a warm pinky, peachy orange, the color of tropical sunsets and reminicsent of passion fruit

  • Tomato Puree — the season’s boldest color in a classic, clean pinky red ~ This uplifting tone works really well with all neutrals or can be teamed with turquoise for a retro look

  • Pink Champagne — a wispy combination of ivory and beige provides a subtle hint of warm color and provides a sophisticated blank canvas for almost any shade

  • Tuscany — this warm pinky beige acts as a versatile base color, especially for violet and fusion coral

  • Dried Herb — a gray-green neutral base evoking memories of country gardens, a softer tone than khaki but just as versatile

  • Eucalyptus — a versatile soft gray which will transcend seasons and provides an elegant backdrop to add dramatic pops of color from brightly-colored accessories

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